Top 4 crossover moves – NASTY Ankle Breakers!!


A great basketball player has great moves. This post is going to elaborate on 4 crossover moves that you can use add in your moves to make your game more effective and dangerous when the ball is in your hands.   

What is a Crossover Move in Basketball?

The crossover a type of dribble maneuver that a basketball player uses to switch the ball from one hand to another in order to change his direction. 

To be an elite player you should be able to change speed and direction whenever you want. That makes it seemingly difficult for the defender to guard you. He doesn’t know what you are doing so he is left with no other option but to react to you. Therefore, the more moves you have in your arsenal the better. 

Types of Crossover Moves

The four moves, if you master them, are going to make it much more difficult to guard you because you are moving in either direction keeping your defense on their heels.

These are:

  1. Basic crossover 
  2. Between the legs crossover 
  3. Behind the back crossover
  4. Spin around crossover

First master their stationary versions and then their moving versions.

We know players who can cross somebody but then can’t score the basketball.

The reason why lies in the lack of practice.

You need to master these moves, execute them and then finally score the basketball.

That is what makes you even more lethal. 

A lot of young players make this mistake.

They see NBA players’ moves but don’t realize the amount of work they are putting behind those moves. 

Stephen Curry is not good at doing his between the legs or behind the back moves just like that. He practices that every single day.  

So, remember to PRACTICE! 

#1 Basic Crossover 

The basic crossover is the simplest one of the crossovers.

Most of the players know this one.

It’s simply dribbling the ball from one hand to the other.

You make it look like you are attacking in the right direction but then in a change of speed and direction you move to the left direction.

This bewilders your defense for a second and they then react to your move. 

Watch Coach Rock show the basic crossover moves here:

#2 Between the Legs Crossover

You can also practice the basic crossover between your legs and get into the movement.

All you do is switch the ball from one hand to the other passing the ball between your legs in the switch. 

#3 Behind the Back Crossover

Dribble that ball from one hand to the other behind your back.

The direction change is not linear but in an arc. 

To Practice, first get the motion down in stationary but keep in mind that a lot of the time when you are changing direction behind the back it’s more of a wraparound.  

Watch Coach Rock show you how to practice the behind the back crossover move here:

#4 Spin Move Crossover

In a spin move you make a backward spin while dribbling the ball in order to change the direction and dodge your defender. 

This is probably the easiest and the safest one.

You’ll love this move especially when you are dealing with a full court pressure.

When someone is guarding you can make the spin move and feel protected with the ball in your hands. 

The key is not to switch your hands too early.

This paves in way for someone to rip the ball behind you. 

You should notice how far away the ball is in the spin and then make the switch when you are sure it’s safe to. 

Practice slowly and then pick up speed. 

To Practice

Put four cones in your half court from outside the D towards the hoop.

You can use shoes, bottles anything that serves as a point of reference in place of the cones. 

Place the cones on the mark where you want to make the moves. Then practice the progressions. 

  1. The Iverson Crossover – vary speeds and directions
  2. Tony Parker Crossover – more moves the better
  3. Between the Legs – change direction between the legs.
  4. Wrap Around Back Crossover 

What how Coach Rock does all these top 4 crossover moves in the video above.

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