Top 4 Ball-Handling Drills You Must Be Doing!

With the help of Nike, in this video I have included four need to know ball handling drills to take your handles to the next level.

The first drill is a beginner ball handling drill. It is simple, but vital to gaining control over your ball handling.

Next is the diamond series which is one of the best drills for any player position. It teaches you quickness, control and comfort with the ball. This ball handling drill will give you the control over the ball that will make you a more confident player.

The third drill is an intermediate ball handling drill that will teach you how to get past each line of defense on your own making you the most unstoppable player on the court.

The last and my favorite drill is the freestyle ball handling drill. This is a drill to make you in charge over the ball. Do whatever move makes you the most comfortable and confident. It's all up to you!

This video has a great combination of ball handling workouts that you should definitely include in your next training session.

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