How To: Kyrie Irving Best Moves & Crossovers!

Kyrie Irving is one of the most electrifying players in the NBA and in my opinion, has the best handles in the league.

In today's video I breakdown some of his best basketball moves and crossovers that broke plenty of ankles.

The thing that makes Kyrie Irving so difficult to guard is that along with a nasty handle, he also is a great shooter and is one of the best around the rim finishers in the league.

By watching the video above and adding each of these moves to your game you will become much more difficult to guard.

When it comes to the game of basketball the more moves that you can do the harder it will be to stop you.

Once you have a go to move then you must develop a counter. Once you have a counter move then you need a counter to that counter.

In the video “How To: Kyrie Irving Best Basketball & Crossovers” you will notice that a lot of these moves intertwine with each other.

Master everything from the set-ups to the moves to actually executing the moves because each and every step is important.

Here is a list of the moves that you will be learning inside of the video:

Inside Out Crossover – Step Back
Drop Crossover into the spin move
Fast Break Drop Crossover Spin Move
How To Change Speeds & Directions
Pull Up Jump Shots & Head Fakes
Hesitation Pull Up Off Of The Strong Hand
“It’s all about hesitation and footwork”

That’s the key to having moves that defenders can’t guard!