Our Training Programs
We take a lot of pride in all the training we offer here at I Love Basketball.

Our primary goal is to provide you with basketball training that WORKS. 

No games. No gimmicks. 

Everything we teach is first proven by us with players that we train personally...

Only once the training drills and workouts are validated over and over — and we get it as foolproof as possible — do we offer it to you.

Below you'll find all the current training programs that we offer.

If you're new here then I highly recommend that you begin with our FREE  programs so you get your feet wet.

When you feel you're ready then move on into some of our flagship training.

Our training works best for players serious about transforming their skills.
Paid Training Programs
Can't Be Guarded Scoring System
Can't Be Guarded has been our best selling program for years, and there's a reason for that. The training inside is timeless. 

Inside you'll discover how to become an elite scoring machine on the court. Explode your scoring through the roof so that you are feared.
ILB Ball-Handling
Develop elite handles with our ILB Ball-Handling System. This is our newest basketball skill specific training program and it's been transformational for players.

Inside of this program you'll discover how to improve your handles, lower your turnovers, and break ankles today.
Guard Focused Training System
This is our training specifically tailored to develop your ALL-AROUND guard skills.
You'll discover how to become an elite guard on the court that runs the show for your team.
Want to jump higher instantly? Inside of Plyovertical you'll discover our secret combination of Vertical Mechanics, Jump Technique and Fast Action Plyometrics results in instant vertical improvement.
Free Training Programs
Undersized Guard Skills Package
This is a free basketball guard skills training program we created for you to give you a free taste of the type of training and results you'll receive from our flagship training programs.
Instant Inches Vertical Guide
If you're looking to jump higher faster then you should definitely try out our Instant Inches Vertical Jump training guide. You have instant inches hidden away inside of you right now. We'll help you unleash them.
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