Even If You Are Short, Unathletic, and Have Been Told You'll Never Dunk…

(They used to tell me the same thing 😉)

Are you ready to jump higher?

That's a pretty dumb question, I know…

Because who doesn't want to jump higher?

But before I tell you the secrets to increasing your vertical jump… 

And I give you a FREE effective workout that will help you instantly start seeing results…

There are some things that I need to make clear.

First – I want you to forget everything you've ever learned or heard about vertical jump training.

9 times out of 10, the reason most players don't see results in their training is because they jump from gimmick to gimmick… 

And ineffective program to ineffective program.

How do I know this?

Because I was the same way, but I'll tell you more about that in a second.

Next, I want you to believe that you can jump higher…

No, I want you to believe that you WILL jump higher.

Okay, are you ready to get started?

Great, let's go!

There's No Better Feeling Than Dunking!

There’s no better feeling than landing your first in-game dunk.

I remember mine like it was yesterday.

It was about 6 years ago at a Basketball Summit Exposure Camp for aspiring professional players.

This is pretty much where all the low major college athletes, that have no chance of getting drafted, go to get recognized by overseas coaches and scouts.

The games were always very intense because everybody was fighting for that special opportunity to earn a contract.

This one game – in particular – got really heated.

Some guys on the other team were talking trash and they really got my blood boiling.

I was furious.

That’s when it happened.

One of my teammates got a steal and we had a 2 on 1 fast break.

We ran it to perfection, as he held the ball just long enough to make the defender bite then he made a perfect bounce pass to me.

I caught the ball in stride and exploded up…

On my way up the defender went for the block…

Bad decision by him.

Nobody expected me to dunk it…

Heck, I didn’t even expect myself to dunk it…

Because I had never actually dunked in a game before.


The gym went crazy.

Even players from the other team were like OH S**T. LOL

It was insane!

I still get butterflies when I replay that moment in my head.

It’s a moment that I will never forget.

… And you know who else won’t forget it?

Every player, coach, and scout that was there in that gym.

There’s a certain respect you get when you dunk the ball, especially when that dunk is on somebody.

Everybody looks at you different.

The opponents play you different.

They fear you.

Coaches and scouts scurry through their booklet of player names and numbers, to try and figure out who you are.

It’s a powerful feeling.

I Wasn't Always Able To Jump Like This…

Unlike most of the super athletic guys that you see dunking all over internet, I wasn’t born to jump like this.

I wasn’t born athletic.

In fact, at just 5’9 with really short arms – I defied the odds.

Because I’m not supposed to be dunking.

Many don’t know what I had to go through to get to this level.

You see – before I was dunking on opponents and jumping out the gym…

I went through years of depression and disappointment when it came to jumping higher.

Don’t believe me?

This is how I used to jump…

Far from impressive…

I bet that if I had showed you this video and told you that I'd be dunking a few weeks later – you wouldn't believe me.

Honestly, you would probably laugh at me.

However, I did exactly just that.

All it took was a simple change to the way I was training my vertical jump.

You see – one of the biggest reasons I NEVER saw results in my vertical jump training is because I was the guy that tried everything.

I used to jump from program to program trying to figure out how to jump higher.

Crappy program, after crappy program, scam after scam – I left disappointed after every single one.

I still remember the pain, agony and depression that I used to feel after training everyday – only to see zero results.

I would embarrass myself in between pick-up games trying to throw alley oops to myself.

Who was I kidding?

I couldn’t even get the ball to the rim.

I had tried everything.

Well almost everything…

None of those programs worked for me.

I maybe gained an inch here or there…

But nothing that lasted and got me to where I wanted to be.

At the time, I was getting overlooked by coaches and scouts at every pro basketball exposure camp that I was going to.


Because I was just another small guard with skill.

There were hundreds of those at every camp I went to.

If you are small – you have to stand out.

You need more than skill.

Guess who were the guys getting chosen over me…

The little guys that could fly.

The ones that could change the momentum of a game with just one dunk.

The guys that were feared when they attacked the rim, which opened up the game for their teammates.

Coaches mostly wanted the big guys, the only small guards they would take were those that were “showstoppers”.

I wasn’t that.

I Met An Unlikely “Hero”.

Things didn’t change for me until I met Adam Linkenauger.

As you can see, Adam is a freak athlete.

He was a 7x ACC High Jump Champion, Powerade National Dunker of the year and is one the best vertical jump trainers of all-time.

He introduced me to the art of “Jump Technique Training”…

Which is now the 1st phase of a new method to vertical jump training that we’ve been mastering over the past few years called “plyomechanical” training.

Plyomechanical vertical jump training is the type of training that I'm about to introduce you to.

Just know that when done, the results are pretty unbelievable:


Back to Adam – he is a 5’10 white guy (from a farm in Roanoke, Virginia) that can hit his head on the rim.

Yes, that’s a 50 inch vertical if you do the math.

He actually registered a 51 inch running vertical and 44 inch standing vertical.

Pretty insane numbers, right?

Nobody knows the art of jumping higher like he does.

It’s why I drove 3 hours and paid him $1,000 (my 3 year savings at the time ) for personal vertical jump training 6 years ago.

I Increased My Vertical 9 Inches In Just 15 Minutes!

In just 15 minutes, he helped me add 9 inches to my vertical jump.

He did it through his unique approach to vertical jump training called “technique training”.

I knew I wasn’t the first person he’d helped jump higher because as excited as I was, he wasn’t shocked at all.

That’s when I knew that the way I trained my vertical jump would never be the same.

Jump technique training had never really been heard of, at the time, and nobody was training with it.

That was shocking to me because it was (and still is) the most effective way to add INSTANT inches to your vertical jump.

Why weren’t/aren't more players training like this?

I guess it’s because they just don't know it exists.

The Birth Of “Plyomechanical” Training…

As the years have gone by, I’ve been working closely with Adam to continue to enhance the training…

And we've done that by developing a special, unique style of vertical jump training called “plyomechanical” training.

Here's the crazy thing…

Jump technique training is just 1/3 of our plyomechanical method of training.

Wait – here’s something that’s even more crazy.

It isn’t even the most powerful part.

Plyomechanical training contains a unique combination of our world class jump technique training, our fast action plyos”, and our never before seen “vert mechanics” (that our new All-American trainer introduced us to recently) that produces AMAZING results.

So now, it’s FINALLY time to introduce you to plyomechanical training.

Here’s what you need to do next…

Click the blue button below and enter your first name and email so that I can send it over to you via email.

But remember, I can only guarantee you results IF (and that’s a BIG IF) you follow exactly everything I say, step by step.


Coach Rock

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