How To Shoot The Basketball Better In Real Games!!


Every player wants to develop the skills that help them shoot the ball better in the game. This post is all about the tips and tricks that will help you master shooting the ball better than you already do. 

How Shoot the Ball Better

A major problem with all players is that they don’t practice the way they play and they don’t train the way they should.

They go too slow and don’t simulate the real game situations when they are practicing. 

For instance, many players do stand still shots in practice.

That is great but guess what, when you come in a real game you come in left-right situations, right-left situations, you come in transitions, and so many other situations.

If you don’t practice shots in all these situations you won’t be able to take or make those shots in the real games.

Majority of Your Shots

If you are a player, the first thing you need to determine is that:

Where do the majority of my shots come from?

If you get a lot of good shots out of transitions you need to practice all those transition shots.

If you are shooting a bunch of elbow pull-ups, you need to be practicing that a lot.

You need to become aware of the successful shots you are taking in a game and then practice them. 

For the purpose of this post we are going to focus on “off the catch” shots. 

Off the Catch Shots

There are only so many ways you can shoot off the catch. If you watch NBA players you realize that. There are a few ways you need to practice and simulate again and again to master them. 

1. Pass to Yourself and Shoot

There will be times in the game where you have some time to shoot. You don’t have to rush in those circumstances. You can do your footwork, step into the shot and hit it.  

If you can’t make this shot then it will be difficult for you to make any type of shots in real games. You get two to three shots of this sort in the game. It happens. The defense gets tired and you get a chance to shoot straight.

If you get three of them you at least need to hit two. 

2. Roll to Yourself and Shoot

You can roll the ball to yourself in either direction. Start easy, practice, master and then try making it a little harder where you have to rush a bit. 

3. Hop and Shoot

Hops, especially the one-two are good for beginners because it is mush easy to get balance and make moves out of this. When you develop yourself into higher basketball ranks you need to get a quicker release. For starters, practice the hop going both directions, from right and from left.  

4. Transition and Shoot 

You can get a lot of your shots from transitions. When the defense is building you get a chance to shoot up. Remember, in transitions you don’t have to rush your shots. Practice open shots. Practice different footwork, right-left, left-right and hops i.e. if you are comfortable shooting off both the directions. 

To Practice:

Implement the shots in both directions in each wing to master your shooting in real games. 

  1. Pass and Step into the shot
  2. Roll and Shoot (both directions)
  3. Hop and Shoot
  4. Left and Right off the hop
  5. Transitions and Shoot
  6. Simulate various movements

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