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Guard Focused Training Is A 12 Week High Intensity Training Program For Players At Any Level. The Best Part? It Takes Less Than 45 Minutes A Day…

Want To Join Me and Thousands Of Elite Players? Here's What You'll Get Inside:

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    Develop the type of handles that opponents fear…


  • Build confidence in your game by knowing that when you have the ball, nobody will be able to guard you.
  • Beat defenders and create space off of the dribble whenever you want.
  • Never turn the ball over, not even against the toughest defenders.
  • Be the guy that your coach and teammates trust with the ball in your hand… even at the last minute.
  • Opposing players and coaches will fear every time you have the ball.

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    Finish around the rim even against the biggest and baddest defenders…

  • Develop the ability to finish with both hands around the rim.
  • Unleash easy to use floaters that even the best shot blockers can't block.
  • Never fear driving to the basket again.
  • Develop many finishing moves such as the Euro-step, Shake N Bake, and much more…
  • Easily boost your scoring by being able to get to the rim and FINISH.

  • 3


    Become a lights out shooter from anywhere on the court…

  • Become a shooter that's deadly from every single spot on the court.
  • Master the midrange pull up that will add 10+ points to your game.
  • Develop Unlimited range meaning you will knockdown shots from 30+ feet.
  • Be feared by opposing coaches and players that fear every time you touch the ball.
  • Quicken your release and smoothen out your stroke so that your jump shot is quick and accurate.

  • 4


    Develop elite level scoring ability in no time…

  • Install elite scoring moves into your game so that you dominate any defender that tries to stop you.
  • Add 9-15 points to your game by learning some of the most effective scoring tips.
  • Create space to get your shot off so that you can score more points.
  • Blow by defenders and finish with unbelievable lay up finishes, smooth pull up jumpers, and off the dribble threes that defenders just can't stop.
  • Cause havoc for opposing coaches and players, they will never want to guard you again.

  • 5


    Become a passing wizard on the court…

  • Discover how to become a better passer with the basketball instantly so you become a better guard.
  • Make pinpoint passes off of the dribble with just a “flick of the wrist”.
  • Develop the ability to make great passes even through the tightest defense so that you can always keep your big men happy.
  • Becoming a better passer means you'll have more assists.. and you're team will love you.

  • 6


    Defend even the toughest players with ease…

  • Become a better defender so your coach puts you in to shut down the other team's best player.
  • Develop quickness and speed in your defense so that you never get beat again.
  • Cause havoc on the defensive in by being able to press even the best ball handlers.
  • Increase your steals per game as well as defensive rebounds per game so that your coaches value you more on the court.
  • Make opposing players fear dribbling the ball each and every time that you guard them.

  • 7


    Get in the best shape of your life on the basketball court…

  • While the opponent is gasping for air, you will be just hitting your second wind…
  • Be able to play full games without ever needing a rest, including pressing the entire game.
  • Get in the best condition that you've ever been in your life so that you dominate on the court on the offensive and defensive end.
  • Win each and every sprint in practice and tryouts so your coaches gain trust in you as a leader.
  • Develop the lean type of body needed to be an elite basketball player at the next level.

  • 8


    Become an unstoppable player in the Pick & Roll Game…

  • The pick and roll is the most common run play in the game of basketball today, why not be a master in it?
  • Make the right decision each and every time the big man comes to set a screen for you.
  • Develop the ability to score off of jump shots, floaters, and lay ups effectively out of the pick & roll.
  • Become a magician when running the pick & roll whether that means you scoring or setting up your teammates for more buckets.
  • Be the go to guy when your coach can call on when he wants to utilize the pick and roll offense.

  • 9


    Discover how to prime and take care of your body before and after workouts…

  • Secret warm up that will guarantee you receive better results during your workouts.
  • Nash Warm up series that will improve your ball-handling, shooting, and scoring while helping your conditioning.
  • Discover the secrets of Myofascial release treatment that will have your body feeling better than ever before.
  • Learn how to stretch properly before and after games that will make you 10x more explosive.
  • Improve your mobility, flexibility, and conditioning so that you can execute moves more effectively and explosively on the court.

  • 10


    Injuries ruin careers… why not prevent them?

  • Discover how you can prevent over 90% of the most common basketball injuries so that you miss less games.
  • Strengthen the muscles and tendons that get far too overused while training for basketball so that you never get injured again.
  • Improve your balance and coordination with some of the best injury preventing exercises.
  • Use these exercises to build a healthy body and a LONG basketball career.

This Training Includes Over 100 Proven Drills That Will Change Your Game TOMORROW And Leave Your Teammates Wondering What You're Doing Outside of Practice… 

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You'll Get 3 FREE BONUSES!

In Game Mentality Focus

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Are you tired of not being mentally strong and focused in games? The mentality side of basketball gets far overlooked but is what separates the good players from the great players. If you want to be great then no matter how hard you work your skills, you still have to have that IT factor mentally. This bonus will help you develop the KILLER INSTINCT Mentality practically overnight.[/text_block]

Full In-Season System

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Inside we provide a full In-Season Basketball training program for the Guard Focused Basketball Training System, that way you can still train with this elite system whether you are in-season or not in season.[/text_block]

At Home Training

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Let's face it, some days you just can't get into the gym. Well now you can still do some of the Guard Focused Training System at home so that you don't waste a day sitting at home doing nothing. This means you always can find ways to get better, no matter the circumstances.[/text_block]

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Yes! I'm Ready For The Guard Focused Training System >>


Instant Access Immediately After Purchase. This program is a Digital Download.

Real players that have gotten
real results with our training

Coach Rocky helped me start Varsity as a Freshman in high school and win player of the year for two straight years. Not only that but even after I graduated high school I went to Juco and continued to train with him which allowed me to become an elite Division 1 prospect that had tons of offer on the table.

Cees Carter

Cees Carter
Division 1 Basketball Player


Rocky has really helped my basketball game. Just being able to chat with him and pick his brain has really improved my skills. He is a basketball guru, that can pretty much answer every problem I've ever had when it comes to the game of basketball.

Mitch Galea

Mitch Galea
Professional Dunker


I've been training with Coach Rocky for a while now I can tell you that him helping me master go to moves changed my game. His techniques are part of the reason I was a Mcdonald's All-American, An NCAA All-American at the University Of North Carolina and now a player in the WNBA.

Chay Shegog

Chay Shegog
WNBA Basketball Player

Man Coach Rock is an extremely knowledge trainer and coach, that is extremely passionate about making his athletes, not only be the best basketball players they can be, but the best people they can be. He has not only helped me on the basketball by taking my game to another level but he has also made me a better person off the court.

Mitchell L' Allier

Mitchell L' Allier
Army Basketball Player


Coach Rock's programs are hands down some of the best overall skills programs that I have ever seen! I've trained with Coach Rocky personally at the Freak Basketball Camps and what I learned helped my game!

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer
Division 3 Basketball Player


I wasn't even recruited in high school and I was completely overlooked. Then I began to train with Coach Rocky and my game exploded. I ended up earning a scholarship and scoring over 2,000 points in my college career. I now play professionally in Europe and average over 22 points per game.

Tim Turner

Tim Turner
Overseas Professional Basketball Player


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • q-iconIs This A DVD Sent To My House?

    No. The Guard Focused Basketball Training System is a 100% Digital Training Program which means immediately after purchase you will receive instant access to the training online. The training will be accessed inside of our online basketball training portal.

  • q-iconDo I Need Any Other Equipment?

    Inside of  Guard Focused Basketball Training the only equipment you really need is a basketball and access to a basketball hoop. Cones will always help as some of the drills are done with cones but they are not a necessity.

  • q-iconDo I Need A Training Partner?

    A training partner is not needed as all of the drills are designed to be done alone, however if you do have a friend that you want to train with, this program can easily be done with a partner.

  • q-iconWhat Age Or Level Do I Need To Be To Use This?

    Guard Focused Basketball Training is for all ages and levels. The training is split into different levels however we recommend all users start as beginner because the training does get advanced.

  • q-iconWhat Do I Do If I Need Help?

    Inside of the training you will have access to our coaches for any and all of your training needs. However, if you need technical support (such as help accessing your training) you can always contact our support team at

  • q-iconWhat Happens If This Training Is Not For Me?

    If you are a player with desires of getting better and achieving your goals it is highly unlikely that this training won't be for you, however in that rare case that it is, just contact our support team with proof of you trying the system and you will be refunded.


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Yes! I'm Ready For The Guard Focused Training System >>


Instant Access Immediately After Purchase. This program is a Digital Download.