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Part 3: Anybody Can Score More Once They Know How
Another thing I love about scoring is that ANYBODY can do it.

Whether you are 5 feet 5 inches tall or 6 feet 10 - if you know what it takes to score then you can do so fairly easily.

It’s all about just knowing how. 

Knowing WHERE, WHEN and HOW to attack.

Once you understand that then scoring will be a breeze in a park.

It’s how little 5’9 Isaiah Thomas was a top 3 scorer in the NBA (before he got hurt), regardless of his size. 

He — like ALL the other great scorers — understands this simple equation:
Neither increasing your shooting percentage or increasing your shot frequency requires you to be super athletic, have crazy handles or even be the best shooter.

Like I said, anybody can do this.

It’s all about balance.

Let’s take 3 players for example...

We'll call them Player A, Player B, And Player C.

Player A is a lights out shooter. If this was NBA 2K his shooting would be at a 99 rating level. But he has a huge problem, he can’t create his shot. So even though he shoots lights out and is shooting 100% from the field, he only gets 3-4 shots a game.

Player B is the complete opposite. He isn’t a very good shooter but he knows how to create space and get his shot whenever he wants. His problem is that he doesn’t make many of the shots he takes. He only shoots 25% from the field. So even though he is getting 20 shots a game, he’s only making 4-5 shots.

Player C is in the middle. He doesn’t shoot the ball as well as Player A but he is shooting 50% from the field. He doesn’t get as many shots as Player C but he does manage to get 15 shots a game.

That means Player C is making about 7-8 shots a game which is 2-3 more than both player A and C.

That’s with him being average in both categories. He has a simple understanding of the importance of both shooting percentage and shot frequency combined.

Now all he has to do is start mastering his craft even more to continue to increase both his percentage and frequency.

Let me show you how you need to train to develop this ability.
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