Create Your Own Basketball Workout Easy!

Today I'm gonna be walking you through how to create your own basketball workout plan easy.

I wanted to kind of sit down and really help you set up your basketball workout plan.

So if you and I were to train personally, I wouldn't tell you your plan on the court while we're doing drills.

You're gonna get distracted.

Instead I would take you kind of off the court.

We would sit down and focus on creating a basketball workout plan that would get you results.

Find your strengths and weaknesses for when you create your basketball workout plan

The first step that you need to do is to get a piece of paper and pencil and write down your weaknesses.

So any time you're creating a basketball workout plan…

I don't care if it's in the weight room or if it's on the basketball court…

The first step is to identify your weakness or weaknesses.

So maybe it's three-point shooting…

Maybe it's athleticism or conditioning…

Whatever it is, make a list of your weaknesses right now.

Now don't get discouraged, we all have weaknesses on the court so find your weaknesses, write them down.

On the other side of the paper to write down your strengths…

Maybe it's you're good at dribbling, or you're good at finishing around the rim, or you're a good free-throw shooter.

Write down your strengths on the other side…

So now you have your weaknesses and your strengths.

And keep this paper because after you go through your training…

Whether it's six weeks or eight weeks…

You wanna be able to look back at this paper where you started and can you say that these are still main weaknesses…

Or even if they're weaknesses, did you improve upon them?

And that's the first part.

You have to become aware of your entire game.

A lot of players start doing training and they don't know their weaknesses.

They don't know their strengths so they don't know when they're getting better.

The only way to know you're getting better is when you can identify those weaknesses…

And you can see and validate the training you were doing.

Did it work?

So find your weaknesses, that's the first thing.

Choose which weakness you're going to focus on

Next thing you do is choose which basketball skills you want to work on.

If you have 10 weaknesses then it may not be the best thing to try to knock them all out in a six week time period.

That's because in order to get better at something, we have to put an immense amount of focus on that one thing.

Let's say it's ball handling and three-point shooting.

You may have other weaknesses but let's focus on ball handling and three-point shooting.

Of course, you don't wanna just forget about your strengths.

I don't want you to say, “oh, forget my strengths.”I don't need to work on those either.

Like if one of your strengths is you're a good three-point shooter…

Then you still wanna work on your three-point shooting in your workouts too so when you start working on these…

When creating your basketball workout plan, you want to figure out what you need to spend extra time on…

But you don't wanna forget your strengths.

How to frame your basketball workouts

Alright, so I'm gonna tell you how I like to frame all of the workouts that I do with my players…

And of the way I design our programs, all the programs here at I Love Basketball TV.

So the first thing we like to do is a dynamic warmup.

You always need that.

I'm not gonna spend too much time on that.

That's just getting warm…

Whether it's jogging and then doing dynamic kind of stretching where you're doing leg kicks and all that…

But you want to get your blood flowing before you hop in a workout.

A big mistake a lot of players make is they just step on the court and start working out.

You might be able to do that when you're young…

But as you get older, your body is gonna become more and more difficult to be able to do that…

So if you take care of your body now then you're going to increase your longevity…

And also decrease your chances of getting injured at your age now.

If your muscles are warm…

If the blood is flowing then you get into a game, it really decreases the chance of injury.

Ball-Handling Training


Now the next thing I like to get into are the ball handling drills.

First we start stationary and then we kind of get into moving drills.

Now again…

You wanna know what your weaknesses are…

And this is gonna determine what you do during this ball handling section.

I like to do ball handling before shooting.

That's because I like to get the hands warm.

I like to get the blood flowing in the hands.

And get in that low position of that you need to be in when you do dribbling drills…

So that your body is getting even more warm and prepared for the shooting drills.

You shouldn't just be doing ball handling drills to do them…

You should be doing them so you improve upon a weakness or stay tight with your strengths.

Let's say your weakness is weak hand…

So when you're doing your ball handling drills, I would do two times the amount of reps with my weak hand than I would on my strong hand.

That's just because that's my weakness.

That's how I'm gonna work on it.

Now if I'm really good with my weak hand and I'm really good with my strong hand then I'm gonna just do the same amount of reps.

I'm not gonna spend too much time if I'm an elite ball handler…

I'm still gonna practice ball handling…

But let's say I'm gonna spend five minutes on it instead of 20 minutes so the amount.

Like I said in the beginning of this video, the amount of time you give to each skill, is gonna be based upon your weakness or strength in that skill.

Basketball Shooting Drills Come Next

So after we do the ball handling stationary, then do a little bit of moving, we're gonna get into shooting drills.

So shooting drills we like to first start kind of stationary but if you're by yourself you can't really do that much stationary…

Because you have to get your rebounds, which is good to get your body moving.

So that's kind of where we do a lot of the spot shooting.

I don't even really do a lot of mid-range spot shooting anymore because you just don't get that shot in the game.

You're not gonna get a mid-range spot shot…

So I might start with form shooting under the rim and then we'll move straight to the three-point line.

But instead of just jacking up threes, first I'll get into one dribble pull-ups.

Those are a little more common than a spot mid-range shot and then we'll spend more time on three-point shooting.

We see the game of basketball has evolved in shooting now.

The three-point shot is much more important than an 18-footer.

So we practice more three-point shots.

Now I'm not saying the mid-range is dead…

If you watch great players like Steph Curry, Kemba Walker, guys like that, guys that can really fill it up…

Even though they're great three-point shooters…

They're also great mid-range shooters.

We're working on that but the majority of the mid-range shots aren't coming from catch mid-range shot, it's off the dribble.

So that's how we do our drills.

And we'll have three-point shots.

Whether it's around the world type of drills or just make 10 in a spot, whatever we're doing.

And then we'll kind of start adding the movement.

You should be getting warm.

Once your body gets warm you can add movement to the shooting drills.

This is when you really start adding game situational shots.

We finish every workout with basketball scoring moves

Putting ourselves in those game situations and working on one move.

First master a basketball move and then work on that counter.

When you feel extremely comfortable with that move and the counter, then move to another move and the counter…

So that's kind of how you progress your drills.

Progress your workouts and then we always finish with defense and conditioning…

The reason we do this is because defense takes heart and focus.

Conditioning is the same thing, so it's best to do it at the end of your workout.

So you can do everything else fresh.

Finish up with free throws

When we get really tired, I'll finish it up with some free-throw shooting of course.

But also keep in mind I'm doing, sporadically throughout the training…

I'm doing free-throw shooting whether it's one-and-one or two shots and always when you do free-throw shooting.

Hold yourself accountable…

If you miss a free-throw then run down and back, run a suicide or do some push-ups so that way you actually get punished for that..

And that's the only way you're gonna learn to improve because if you don't, you're gonna miss a free-throw…


When creating a basketball workout plan it's key to know your strengths and weaknesses…

Then from there you can customize your workout with what you learned here today.

So I hope that helps you out.

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