5 Essential Keys To Become A Great Point Guard

Players ask me all the time…

“What can I do to become a great point guard?”

If you want to be the type of point guard that makes it to the next level then you have to master these 5 important things.

Here are the 5 Keys To Become A Great Point Guard:

1. Take Care Of The Ball (Limit Turnovers)

Many young players struggle with turnovers. Usually it's because they are trying to make the spectacular play instead of making the simple play.

“Value the ball with your life.”

You can't win if you keep giving the ball to the other team.

One way to improve your ability to care of the ball is to improve your ball-handling skills and decision making ability. This is done through proper training.

(I have many videos on my YouTube Channel ‘ILoveBasketballTV' that show you the type of training you need to be doing to improve your handles, below are a few of the most popular)


Decision making becomes much easier when you have better ball-handling skills. The less you have to focus on actually dribbling and protecting the ball from your defender, the more you can focus on those crucial decisions that point guards must make each and every possession.

2. Make Open Shots So That You Become A Scoring Threat

If you become a legit scoring threat on the court then you open up the game for your entire team.

Do you know what happens to if you are a point guard that can't score?

Defenders don't react to you. This means they are laying back, clogging the paint, and allowing you to keep shooting.

But it's not only when shooting. Also when you drive, if you aren't a threat to score then defenders don't have to leave their man to help out as much. This allows them to stay closer to their man which means your teammates won't be open.

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If you notice, all of the great point guards in the NBA are lethal scorers. Guys like Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, etc. are able to create so many opportunities for their teams.

Defenders have to account for those guys and often have to double team or give help. This makes it really easy for them to get their teammates good scoring opportunities and helps the team.

There is a reason why Doc Rivers wants Chris Paul to look for his shot more. Teams today are so much better when their point guards are threats to shoot and score the basketball.

Here is a video that will help you instantly improve your shooting:

Here are 5 scoring moves that will help you become unguardable:


3. Get In The Lane and Collapse The Defense

Key #3 is directly associated with the last one that we went over…

Once you develop the ability to score – the defense has to respect you. This means that when you beat your man and get in the lane, they will collapse on you to prevent you from scoring.

To assure that this happens, you have to become a threat in the lane by mastering shots like runners and floaters!

Below are a few videos to help you improve on shooting the floater.



Once you're a threat to master this shot  you'll cause the defense to collapse even more on you when you drive. This opens up the game for your entire team.

Which takes us to Essential Key #4…

4. Find Open Teammates At The Right Time And Hit Them With A Good Pass

Once you've done your job in getting the defense to collapse, you must deliver a good pass at the right time to your shooters and your big men.

Put them in the best and most comfortable positions to score!

Give a shooter a perfect pass right to their chest so they easily get into their shot. Deliver a perfect bounce pass to your big man so he doesn't have to reach too low for it. It's simple things like this that will help you become a better point guard.

Need help with your passing? Check out this video:

Here's another tip for passing: Don't be afraid to throw the lead pass!

Passing the ball up the floor is much faster than dribbling the ball up the court. Don't be afraid to hit teammates early by throwing the lead pass, allowing them to attack before the defense sets up.

Remember, there is never a reason you need to get flashy with your passing. It may not look cool but keep things simple with good, hard, pinpoint passes and you can avoid making many mistakes.

5. Be Able To Defend Your Position

Last but not least, DEFENSE!

Now if you ask me, defense is all about heart. You either want to lockdown your opponent or you don't. But there are some drills you can do to become a better defender.



This is one of the most important qualities any point guard can have. Many players want to score but few want to play defense too. The few that value defense have a much higher chance of being great and playing at the next level.

Take pride in your defense!

So there you have it…

Now you know what it takes to be a great point guard, it's just a matter of getting in the gym and putting in the work.


Stay tuned for our next post, “The 5 Essential Keys To Become A Great Wing Player”!

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How To Finish Around The Rim!


Here's How To Finish Around The Rim Even Against The Biggest And Baddest Opponents…


Seriously, the amount of missed lay ups continues to amaze me – especially at the youth level. They often get overlooked as being “easy” because they are such close shots. This means players don't work on them.

Big mistake…

Let me explain.

How often do you practice your shooting? What about your ball-handling?

Well why not your finishing around the rim?

This is one of the main reasons for a lot of missed lay ups. Players assume that they can just finish well around the rim so they don't even take the time to practice.

“Finishing around the rim is a skill just as much as shooting and dribbling.”

I know lay up drills may not be the most fun thing to do but they are extremely effective, especially at the youth level where you aren't dealing with trying to get them over 7 footers.

The older you get the craftier you will have to be around the rim.

Don't worry I explain everything in the video above! I show you some moves and drills that will help you master finishing around the rim.

5 Quick Tips For Better Finishing Around The Rim:

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice! Actually go out there and shoot some d**n layups!
  2. Always keep your eyes on the basket. Believe it or not many players are usually focused on the defender when they drive instead of keeping there eyes on the target.
  3. Be versatile when finishing! I talk about this in the video, but be able to finish off of both feet and both hands.
  4. Make your free throws. What does this have to do with finishing? Well if you are a good free throw shooter, you won't get your lay ups contested as much because teams won't want to put you on the line. This will lead to a lot more easy buckets.
  5. Last but not least, practice on moves for the second line of defense. This is where the euro step and hop step come in to play. It's easy to beat that first man, it's getting around the second line of defense that is more difficult.

Start working on your finishing today so that you can improve your scoring in general!

If you haven't done so yet, go get your free scoring workout by entering your email in the box to the right. That will really help you become a much better scorer.

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How To Shoot Like Stephen Curry

Here Are Secrets To Shooting Like Stephen Curry!

Everyone always wants to know how to shoot like Stephen Curry. He is coming off of an MVP season, NBA Championship, and is one of the best/most entertaining players in the NBA.

One of the things that makes him so fun to watch is the fact that he is probably the best shooter of all time… already. It's hard not to like his silky smooth jump shot that seems so effortless.

Today I will show you some of the things that he does in his jump shot, that you can implement in your shot to become a better shooter.

To be able to shoot like Stephen Curry there are a few key points to remember.

  1. You must shoot a one motioned shot on the way up.
  2. Have a solid base in your jump shot.
  3. Hold your follow-through.

The basic 3 keys that I just mentioned are pretty much mandatory to be a great shooter. At the end of the day it's all about repetition and confidence when you shoot the basketball.

Take notes when you watch the video and practice next time you are in the gym.

How To: Kyrie Irving Best Moves & Crossovers!

Kyrie Irving is one of the most electrifying players in the NBA and in my opinion, has the best handles in the league.

In today's video I breakdown some of his best basketball moves and crossovers that broke plenty of ankles.

The thing that makes Kyrie Irving so difficult to guard is that along with a nasty handle, he also is a great shooter and is one of the best around the rim finishers in the league.

By watching the video above and adding each of these moves to your game you will become much more difficult to guard.

When it comes to the game of basketball the more moves that you can do the harder it will be to stop you.

Once you have a go to move then you must develop a counter. Once you have a counter move then you need a counter to that counter.

In the video “How To: Kyrie Irving Best Basketball & Crossovers” you will notice that a lot of these moves intertwine with each other.

Master everything from the set-ups to the moves to actually executing the moves because each and every step is important.

Here is a list of the moves that you will be learning inside of the video:

Inside Out Crossover – Step Back
Drop Crossover into the spin move
Fast Break Drop Crossover Spin Move
How To Change Speeds & Directions
Pull Up Jump Shots & Head Fakes
Hesitation Pull Up Off Of The Strong Hand
“It’s all about hesitation and footwork”

That’s the key to having moves that defenders can’t guard!

How To: James Harden Best Moves & Crossovers!

Today we are going to break down James Harden's best basketball moves and crossovers. James is arguably one the best one on one player in the NBA today and I always get asked to break down some of his deadly moves.

As you will learn in this video, he uses his arsenal of different crossovers and stepback moves to create space for his deadly jump shot.

He also is a great ball-handler and great at getting to the basket with his craftiness.

Take these moves and add them to your game so that you become an elite scorer on the basketball court.

Top 4 Ball-Handling Drills You Must Be Doing!

With the help of Nike, in this video I have included four need to know ball handling drills to take your handles to the next level.

The first drill is a beginner ball handling drill. It is simple, but vital to gaining control over your ball handling.

Next is the diamond series which is one of the best drills for any player position. It teaches you quickness, control and comfort with the ball. This ball handling drill will give you the control over the ball that will make you a more confident player.

The third drill is an intermediate ball handling drill that will teach you how to get past each line of defense on your own making you the most unstoppable player on the court.

The last and my favorite drill is the freestyle ball handling drill. This is a drill to make you in charge over the ball. Do whatever move makes you the most comfortable and confident. It's all up to you!

This video has a great combination of ball handling workouts that you should definitely include in your next training session.