2 SIMPLE Basketball Shooting Drills To Shoot A Basketball Better!!


Today we'll be showing you 2 basketball shooting drills that can really help you shoot a basketball better, faster, in real games.

We are in a time of basketball where shooting the basketball well is super important.

If you can't shoot the basketball well then you probably won't be on the court.

Big guys can shoot, all positions, all players pretty much can shoot.

The guys that can't shoot, are super, super athletic, super quick and have other intangibles.

Guys like Rondo, Westbrook, John Wall, they're not the best shooters…

But they're extremely gifted athletic-wise and speed-wise.

Unless you have skills and ability like that, you're not going be able to play in any game unless you can hit shots from the outside.

Today we're gonna be going over some drills that can really help you improve your jump shot in real game situations.

Any of us can come out and stand and shoot a hundred shots and we'll feel good about ourselves…

But then we get in the game and it's completely different.

We have to train how we're going to play in games.

Or at least try to speed it up a little and take shots that we would in games to the best of our ability…

Because you can't really simulate the game all the way.

It's just something different about being in the game…

But the best thing that you can do is put yourself in the same positions.

We love to add some type of conditioning and add some game specific things in it as well.

Simple Shooting Drill To Improve Shooting and Spike Conditioning

For the first drill we have five spots.

We have the corners, the wings, the top.

When you're shooting from the corner the majority of the time it's gonna be a stationary three.

That's because there isn't that much room to move around here.

That's how we start the basketball shooting drill.

Take the shot, get the rebound, and simulate the same thing in the next corner.

Next, you'll shoot from that same side wing.

When we get to the wings, think about about a lot of shots that come off the wing are from those picks.

So we're gonna practice spinning the ball to ourself, catching and shooting.

Start in the corners, move to wings and finish at the top of the key.

Add A Simple Counter Move To Become More Lethal

So the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna run through each shot again…

But this time we're adding quick pump fake, attack, step back, get back behind the three.

You must know how to read the defender.

If you pump fake and your defender runs at you but doesn't jump then you'll probably have to step back.

If he jumps by you then all you have to do take that quick step and shot.

So again, you have to read your defender…

But I think it will come naturally.


So as you can tell…

Basketball is a simple game.

When it comes to scoring the ball, you don't need too many moves to actually be a great scorer.

So in these drills we're practicing basic shots and then we add simple pump fakes and quick counter moves to become more effective.

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How To Shoot A Basketball Under Pressure!

In today's video, we’re going to be helping you with shooting under pressure.

Now the first tip to shooting under pressure is to start simulating this in practice.

You can do this even by yourself.

See, a big mistake players make is that when they're shooting in the gym, they catch, shoot slow.

We recognize this with some of the players that we train.

At first, we used to just do spot shooting.

And then evolved into doing game speed shooting as well.

We still train regular spot shooting because there will be times where you're catching the ball and you're shooting.

But we also have to account for the times when you're coming off of picks.

We have to account for the times where it's sped up, where you have to speed up into your shot. 

By practicing this, speeding things up on your own, and by adding in a little more movement into your drills, it can really help you with your shooting under pressure…

Because those are the types of shots you're going to be shooting when you’re in real games.

When you practice this way, it becomes easy in games.

I was reading an article on Stephen Curry and he was talking about how a lot of times in his training, he speeds his release up as fast as possible.

Now, you see him shoot in real games, and you say, “Wow, his release is lightning quick,” but for him, it’s slowed down because he practices at such a fast speed for his shot.

Now, I don't recommend you going out, rushing your shot.

It's not about catching here and just throwing it up.

It's more about getting more in sync with your footwork, getting ready to shoot before you catch the ball, and then just speeding all that up together.

So it's not necessarily catching and just shooting it.

It's getting ready to shoot and everything and then kind of getting into it quicker.

Practice Shooting Under Pressure

Now, the next thing we like to do is, if you have a partner that's passing you the ball, we like to do spot shooting, but then we'll go, and if we're at the top of the key, we'll touch half-court, catch, shoot.

If we're on the corners and there's a wall, we'll have the player touch the wall, turn around, shoot.

Just add some more game-like situations to the shooting and drills.

Now, the next thing we can do is, if you have a partner, they can put their hand in your face.

Now, they don't have to block your shot, but they just put their hand up.

All we're doing is practicing shooting with a hand in your face.

What this is going to do, it's going to make you shoot a little higher.

It's going to make you get a little better arc on your shot, but it's going to get you ready to seeing just a hand in your face.

Just like it is in real games.

In real games, you're not just standing with nobody there. There will always be defenders are least running at you with their hands up.

So, if you have a partner, implement this.

You shoot, they pass.

They put a hand in your face.

You shoot and get your rebound.

Once you get your rebound you pass to your partner.

You run at them with a hand in their face, and they shoot.

You can even have a game against each other.

First player to make 10 wins and the loser has to run.

Do different things like that to challenge yourself and add some accountability to your workouts.


As you can see, you can add pressure to your drills easily.

All you have to do is add more speed. With speed comes pressure. With pressure comes speed.

The problem with players in games that they make, is that they get too sped up, which is going to happen.

That's natural.

The real problem is that they don't train at that sped up pace.

Instead, they go through the drills lackadaisical.

They don't go hard.

They do a whole bunch of just stand still, super slow spot shooting, and it affects them in real games because they're not used to it.

And it really prevents them from being able to be consistent shooters in real games.

From having confidence.

It affects everything.

We don't want that to happen to you, so start going harder in your training.

Start going harder in your drills so this doesn't happen to you.

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How To Shoot Like Stephen Curry

Here Are Secrets To Shooting Like Stephen Curry!

Everyone always wants to know how to shoot like Stephen Curry. He is coming off of an MVP season, NBA Championship, and is one of the best/most entertaining players in the NBA.

One of the things that makes him so fun to watch is the fact that he is probably the best shooter of all time… already. It's hard not to like his silky smooth jump shot that seems so effortless.

Today I will show you some of the things that he does in his jump shot, that you can implement in your shot to become a better shooter.

To be able to shoot like Stephen Curry there are a few key points to remember.

  1. You must shoot a one motioned shot on the way up.
  2. Have a solid base in your jump shot.
  3. Hold your follow-through.

The basic 3 keys that I just mentioned are pretty much mandatory to be a great shooter. At the end of the day it's all about repetition and confidence when you shoot the basketball.

Take notes when you watch the video and practice next time you are in the gym.