How To Finish Around The Rim!


Here's How To Finish Around The Rim Even Against The Biggest And Baddest Opponents…


Seriously, the amount of missed lay ups continues to amaze me – especially at the youth level. They often get overlooked as being “easy” because they are such close shots. This means players don't work on them.

Big mistake…

Let me explain.

How often do you practice your shooting? What about your ball-handling?

Well why not your finishing around the rim?

This is one of the main reasons for a lot of missed lay ups. Players assume that they can just finish well around the rim so they don't even take the time to practice.

“Finishing around the rim is a skill just as much as shooting and dribbling.”

I know lay up drills may not be the most fun thing to do but they are extremely effective, especially at the youth level where you aren't dealing with trying to get them over 7 footers.

The older you get the craftier you will have to be around the rim.

Don't worry I explain everything in the video above! I show you some moves and drills that will help you master finishing around the rim.

5 Quick Tips For Better Finishing Around The Rim:

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice! Actually go out there and shoot some d**n layups!
  2. Always keep your eyes on the basket. Believe it or not many players are usually focused on the defender when they drive instead of keeping there eyes on the target.
  3. Be versatile when finishing! I talk about this in the video, but be able to finish off of both feet and both hands.
  4. Make your free throws. What does this have to do with finishing? Well if you are a good free throw shooter, you won't get your lay ups contested as much because teams won't want to put you on the line. This will lead to a lot more easy buckets.
  5. Last but not least, practice on moves for the second line of defense. This is where the euro step and hop step come in to play. It's easy to beat that first man, it's getting around the second line of defense that is more difficult.

Start working on your finishing today so that you can improve your scoring in general!

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