10 BEST Basketball Drills For Beginner Basketball Players


In today’s video Coach Rocky from ILoveBasketballTV will go over 10 of the best basketball drills for beginners.

These are drills that will help you build the foundational skills needed to become an elite player.

Most players overlook the fundamental basketball drills as being “too easy” and want to jump straight to the advanced basketball drills.

It’s extremely important to master the basics before you try to work on the advanced.

Now if you're an advanced player or you think you're an advanced player, don't disregard this video because a lot of times advanced players can really use the fundamentals.

When you're training your skills, it's kinda like you're building a house, right?

You have to have the foundation, the foundational skills, down before we can become an advanced player, before you can become an elite player.

Think about a big house, you can have the biggest house ever, but if it's on a weak foundation, the house is gonna fall over.

But once you have that good foundation, then your potential is limitless.

So in this video today, we are gonna be focusing on ten drills.

These ten basketball drills are gonna help you with your finishing, your scoring, your dribbling, your defense.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it when you are training.

Remember, we're focusing on everything in this video.

And then stay tuned for next week, next Friday we're gonna be uploading ten basketball drills for advanced basketball players.

So that means you have the whole week to master these and then you can try the advanced basketball drills or if you're an advanced player, you can still do these this week and then come back next week for the advanced basketball drills.

Drill #1: Mikan Drill (3 sets of 10 each side)

Drill #2: Reverse Mikan (3 sets of 10 each side)

Drill #3: Zig Zag Ball-Handling (3 moves on both sides)

Drill #4: One Dribble Move Pull Ups (5x each side each move)

Drill #5: Form Shooting (10 makes each spot)

Drill #6: Spot Shooting (10 makes each spot)

Drill #7: Elbow to Elbow (10 makes each elbow)

Drill #8: Pump Fake Pull Ups (10 makes each elbow)

Drill #9: One Dribble Layups (10 makes each side)

Drill #10: Defensive Slides – (1 set slow, 1 set quick on both sides)

Finish with 10 free throw while you’re tired 💪🏀

If you have any questions about any of these basketball drills, please ask them in the comments.

We recommend that you do these basketball drills 2-3x a week. Also, don't forget to pick up a FREE copy of our Undersized Guard Essential Skills Package.

It's 100% yours free for a limited time only.

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