Basketball Drills - Free Throw Shooting Drill

By: Coach Rocky

Making free throws can be a game changer for any team. I have seen from personal experience and in the NBA that a low percentage of free throws made can be the reason that the game was lost.

Free throws are free chances for you to score points for your team. You can take your time and there is no fighting to get to the basket.

The hardest part of free throws is not shooting the ball - it is dealing with the pressure of making or missing. This video gives you a great drill that will give you the pressure of a game and encourage your confidence to make the free throw in the game when it really counts.

If you can demolish the pressure then you can just concentrate on shooting the ball and not all of the outside influences of the audiences or other players.

With this drill you can be the reason your team wins the game - every point matters!

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